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The Chris Birch Column
written by Chris Birch


Hey everyone, well this is the first of a long line of news letters, that I plan on sending out every month or so? So where to start?

The past months we've been so busy. Up and down all over Europe riding for FMX4Ever! At the start of July I and the team had a really cool fun and Party event! Rock the Ramp it take place in the home town of KTM Mattighofen in Austria. Most of the team was here and some of the GP Factory riders. Unfortunately we had to cancel the show due to a huge storm hours before! It was not a waste for me tho. The day before I had a riding photo shoot for next years KINI RedBull range. Who are supporting me with Riding gear! You should check them out its really cool gear!

Anyway I was happy overall, I got to ride and of course a big party with my friends! Straight after Rock the Ramp. With a slight hang over Myself, Jimbo and Gilles drove all the way back to Belgium after dropping Mojo and Nick De Wit off in Munich. Who were flying back to Spain for a few days training before Red Bull X Fighters Madrid. When we finally made it back from Austria. We unloaded, clean up and load back up 8 Bikes for Madrid! Which the team (Jimbo) provides. Next afternoon I was on my way! Driving by self to Madrid. After 14-15 hours of driving I was there. A record time!!! J It was great to see everyone again like Lusk and Maddo and those all behind the scenes at X Fighters. In a good and bad way I miss the event. I was really looking forward to experience that crazy atmosphere in the arena. But I was ask if I could help out with the live TV and Internet feed! I was in charge of all the slow motions replays. That's Right! All the replays you guys saw went all threw me first! It was a great experience and I think I'll be doing it again in Poland! The only bad thing is I would prefer to be out there riding myself!

Straight after Madrid back to Belgium the next day Latvia!!! Baltic Beach party!!! 55000 people both days!!! We were doing a X fighter teaser. It was Hot, sandy and windy! It was really windy both days but we're on the coast so its to be expected. They say that Leipja is where the wind is born!? The shows went well for the condisions and the crowd were so great, You get really pumped, when the crowd so loud! Myself, Bodin, Ive and Zafra think Latvia so cool! We had a great time thanks to Red Bull Latvia!

Now back in Belgium, which is where I live now. Its the best for me. It where the team based and at the back of the house is the teams ever improving FMX park.

Too weeks ago was the Belgium MXGP and that weekend we had off. So we headed down to see the action and old friends.

The other news for me is that Im flipping now, Finally!!! :P I went to dirt for the first time todays after the GP. Now me and Gilles De Jong are working and riding hard. My goal is to start competing again after I have a few flip tricks! Watch this space. Hope everyone is good. Come say hi if your around and a show or contest!

Oh.... I'll would just like to say a big thank you to Jimmy Verburgh (Jimbo). For giving me and many others in the team and out, the best support you cant imagine. Its really something!!!! :) Its a amazing amount of work behind the scenes at team FMX4Ever and jimmy handles it so well. We just don't ride bikes you know!

Cheers Birch ... AKA Swampy

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