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The Alvaro Dal Farra Column


Three days passed from the serious fall that involved Alve during the shooting of the new DaBoot video: I saw a lot of interest about his situation, so I would like to inform everybody about his physical conditions.

Alvaro fell on Saturday afternoon, and reported the right homerus fracture, a multiple break of pelvis (3 different points), 5 broken ribs, a fragment of rib in his spleen and a right lung damage.

The doctors at Ravenna hospital choosed to keep him in a induced coma until the situation wasn't stable, and in order to avoid him suffering from his injuries.

This morning I had good news about his awakening. Now he's not entirely awake and he can't breath autonomously due to the hole in his lung, so he'll be keeped some days more in the intensive care unit until his conditions will be stable.

As soon as his body will be able to resist to the transportation he'll be moved to Cesena hospital for homerus and pelvis surgeries. I want to thank heartily all our friend and all people who are close to me and his family.

The FORTY8 Team wishes Alve a quick recovery – Get well soon!

Check for more information about Alve.

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