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The Alvaro Dal Farra Column


Alve never stops himself, he has a period of intensive training and work. Two weeks ago he was involved with Filmer Force in a shooting for the Tv network sky MotoTV, to document a tipical training day. There were also the DaBoot teammates Maurizio Poggiana, Luca Zironi, Jader Toninello, Samuele Dottori and Prosdocimi.

Alve has also been to the MotoTV studios in Milan, to comment the last RedBull X-fighters, held in Mexico City: between the competitors there were some friends of him: Andre Villa, Tom Pages and Eigo Sato, CMYK shoes teammate of Alve, who ended in the second place.

Last weekend, in Alve park, the band Mallory Switch ( filmed for their new videoclip; Alve himself, as one of the main characters of the video, was filmed whilst riding. We'll soon see the video in TV channels like MTV, All Music etc.

The band also played in a venue organized with Alvaro at Life Club in Belluno... Ride to party! Thanks a lot to the many walkers-on who weren't scared by the rain and took part to the video, making it more original and colourful...

New riding experience for Alvaro: he is taking confidence with a 4 strokes KTM 250, brought by KTM Italy, because next Tuesday he'll fly to Japan, where he'll actually ride a 4-strokes bike and were he'll find the friend Eigo Sato.

This trip, organized with Riki Monti, is part of a serie of trips scheduled for the 2009: they'll take part to the biggest FMX event in Japan, organized by Eigo, and they'll travel to take a bite of Japanese style and culture. Alve is the first european to ride in a Japanese event, so the local guys are really excited.

We're waiting for they come back to see pics and read a report...

Have fun, ride to party!


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