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The Alvaro Dal Farra Column


Alve is preparing himself to reenter, his KTM at Köln expo, DaBoot party. After the last crash and Doc De Marchi diagnosis, Alvaro beginned the gym training coached by Bonan, which prepares him to comeback to ride his bike as well fitted as possible.

Dal Farra will have to substain another exam the next week, to be sure about the proper functioning of his kidney, and after that he'll return to ride his bike. Meanwhile his motorcycle is on display this week at the exhibition in Cologne, Germany, at the Racetech booth, where Lorenzo, Alve mechanic, went to mount the new special parts made with laser by Piazza Rosa, to make the bike more unique and detailed than ever.

Here are some nice details of Alve's special parts:

Last Friday in Milan, @ Alcatraz, we had DaBoot party, with great success; a lot of friends were there, and a lot of photographers captured the mundane evening, including those of Rider magazine that followed DaBoot from the pre-party to the end.

Check for more information about Alve.

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