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The Alvaro Dal Farra Column



It's since more than two weeks that DaBoot (Alve, Massimo, Luca, Maurizio and Lorenzo) is travelling around Europe. The first stop was the the awesome Budapest, where our riders had a show in one of the biggest shopping malls of the city; the crowd, beyond the usual shopping, had the possibility to watch an original and very involving show, incredible for the continue growth in skills and technic from the team.

Then from Budapest to Czech Republic, near Brno, where Busty Wolter, Paolo Grana, Vanni Oddera, Stefan Bengs, Martin Coren and the local Yan Brabek, plus photographers and filmers, joined the crew to ride the first “Euro Invaders Trip” spot: a very innovative situation, with dirt ramps, double lines and gabs from 25 to 47 meters. Not so easy, but all the riders showed skills and determination, especially Koren and Wolter with “heavy” triks on the 47m gap; Bianconcini, twenty years-experienced rider, opened new lines and ramps; Alvaro wasn't at his best in the first day, but soon he took confidence with the park, sticking good tricks in the last day; Zironi, Poggiana, Oddera and Grana, not very used to dirt ramps, showed determination and improved their riding on this new kind of jumps.After that the “Invaders” moved in Scandinavia, to Fredrik Johansson park. After two days by car and boat they arrived in south of Stocoholm, where they found a perfectly shaped park, with double lines, boxes, transferts, wallride, foampit, minibike track and a skateboard miniramp. For the second park of the tour, with an easier setting, nobody saved their own energies; Fredrik Berghered, Joanson and the local crew joined the megasession too...

After two days there, another time on the road, to Berlin, hosted by Stefan Bengs in an amazing location, house and park in the middle of a wood, near a lake. Complete and very funny park, with a minibike and a bmx track. After a visit to the city of Berlin all the crew worked hard with old and new school tricks, with a good weather and sorrounded with a wonderful landscape. From Germany to Italy now, destination Pavia, Carlo's park: on the way, bacause of the rain, the team changes direction to Belluno, in Alvaro's park, the last stop. After a chilling day, due to the rain, the weather turned good and all the team rode hard in the park, renewed for the event: the riders liked the setup and did all the best they can. Miki Monti and Jader Toninello were there too, to show their everytime solid riding. Now the trip is at its end, it's time to come back to “normal” things: Alvaro and Lorenz went to Moskow to take part in a presentation event of an international FMX contest. Unfortunately the bad weather ruined the weekend, so the demo was delayed to August.In the next days Alvaro will restart the training in Italy; in the first days of June the whole DaBoot team will be working in a general test with Marzocchi in Belluno Alvaro ‘ s park.Alve will return on the scene the 14th and 15th of June, in an event near Paris and after, He will go to America for the Dew Tour in Baltimore.

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