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Master of Dirt + Pequencurt + shooting

The Master Of Dirti is finished with the last competition in Graz. It was not the most luky week-end for Alvaro, who couldn’t finish the qualification run cause a unexpected malfunction of the bike.

On the second day, a small mistake during a back flip superman, keep Alvaro out of the final just for one, ending as sixth. Alvaro, displeased but not discouraged, has been to Moto Tv to tape for Racer Report where he spoke about his next events.

Hi has come back home and hi is doing training for the first lap of  X-Foghters, wich are going to be in Mexico City on April.

Next week a GQ magazine troup are going to came for a interview and shooting in Alvaro’s park in Belluno. Next week you could find an Alvaro’s interview on Sport Auto Moto’s magazine. The interview tell about the Alvaro and Tom Pages and Ego Sato’s training.

On 29 and 30 of march Alvaro and Massimo Bianconcini are going to be on Peconcour (France) to play on one of the best international event in Europe.

Check for more information about Alve.

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