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Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010 / Great Sphinx / Egypt

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Ancient World Meets FMX Future

The best FMX athletes in the world are set to resume battle in a new location never before seen on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. The ancient pyramids and majestic Great Sphinx of Giza will provide a breathtaking backdrop to the top freestyle motocross action on the
planet on 14 May 2010 as a crowd of 10,000 FMX fans watches the world elite go head to head in a brand new format under the blazing Egyptian sun.

CAIRO (EGY). After torrential rainfall put a premature end to the opening event of the 2010 season in Mexico City, the top members of the international FMX elite are ready and raring to go in one of the most spectacular locations ever to grace the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. There can be few places on the face of the earth with a mystique equal to that of the Great Sphinx of Giza that has guarded the towering pyramids in the desert outside the Egyptian metropolis for over 4000 years. Standing 73 metres long, 6 metres wide and 20 metres tall, the Great Sphinx represents a reclining lion with the head of a human and was built by the ancient Egyptians in approximately 2700-2600 BC.

Despite hoping to make his comeback in Egypt after sustaining serious injuries in a crash during pre-season training in California, the 2008 Tour Champion Mat Rebeaud (SUI) has failed to fully recover from the accident will be replaced by young-gun Petr Pilat (CZE). Joining the Czech rider will be the usual collection of the world’s best FMX athletes: Nate Adams (USA), Robbie Maddison (AUS), Eigo Sato (JPN), Levi Sherwood (NZL) and Andrè Villa (NOR). After securing the win at the opening event in Mexico City thanks to top spot in Qualifying the Norwegian is pumped up and will be looking to extend his lead in the overall standings by throwing down and impressing the Judges with his inimitable style.

Favourite Dany Torres underwent an operation on his damaged wrist after the event in Mexico City and has been forced out. The event in Giza will also see a new competition format in the
Semi-Final and Final, adopting the popular one-upmanship known as “horse” in the world of skateboarding. The lower-ranked rider goes first and pulls a trick, with his opponent then having ten seconds to “answer” with a trick of his own. This system continues until both riders have completed eight jumps in the Semi-Final and ten jumps in the Final. If a rider does not “answer” his opponent’s trick within ten seconds, the jump will not be counted in the rider’s run.

A crowd of 10,000 fans is expected to pack the arena in front of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx outside Giza as the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour touches down in Egypt for the first time. Gentlemen, start your engines!

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