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Videos Zürich 2009 | FMX Final

FMX Dirt Jump in Spanish hands

In Sunday’s finals were Daisuke Suzuki (JPN), Charles Pagès (FRA), Dany Torres from Spain and Mat Rebeaud from the French part of Switzerland. Rebeaud was the audience’s favorite heading into the contest. He gave a consistent performance all weekend long while Pagès got increasingly better, managing to eventually even pull off a Double Seatback Back Flip. However, topping both of these guys was Dany Torres, who maintained a peak performance throughout, ever ready with a new variation.

It was his repertoire of back flip combos like the Lazyboy and Cliffhanger that won him the
«freestyle.champ» title. «It was cool to beat out Pagès and win today,» exclaimed the Spaniard. «I’m definitely getting back to Zurich!»

FMX Super Final Result | Zürich

1 Torres Dany ESP 90.55
2 Pagès Charles FRA 90.38
3 Rebeaud Mathieu SUI 89.23
4 Suzuki Daisuke JPN 87.18

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