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Libor Podmol in "Tomorrow will be better"

genre: documentary
year of production: 2012
length: 73min
language: english & czech + subtitles
directed by: Martin Přívratský
production: Tomorrow Will Be Better Film

Director's Word - Martin Přívratský

I like when someone puts hundred percent into their work, I like when the shots that I make are not boring and I like it when someone through his painstaking efforts will succeed. I knew that the movie from the FMX would certainly not be boring and we discussed this topic with Libor many times. After several projects, which failed to get the needed financial support, we decided to start shooting without wasting any additional time securing third party finances. An invitation to a threemonth training session in USA from Libor’s manager  facilitated the selection of the shooting location and a project with the working title American Trip was born.

 I did not want to take only pure shots of FMX tricks, since there is plenty of such films on the market. I wanted to fully focus on the moments and situations "behind the riding", moments, during which the camera is normally off but where you see the real world in which the riders live. The constant traveling, transfers from hotels to arenas, riding, parties, crashes, injuries, treatment and as well their dreams and desires. I perceived in this topic a story of an rock and roll star, who are selling out the whole arenas, but also a road movie about freedom and a specific lifestyle. Ideas about the ending of the movie changed a hundred times during the shooting. After three months spent in the USA the film was named Tomorrow Will Be Better. and we decided to keep on shooting and wait for the right ending. In the finals, it was the most important decision we made, since we shot until the end of the season and fully covered the most interesting year of Libor's life - he became the World Champion and father at the same time. I am very glad, that in this era, when the documents are turning towards more negative issues, we managed to do a fully positive film about a man who simply loves his job and is best in it in the whole world.

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