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Tom Pages is ready for X-Games

European FMX legend Tom Pagès has seen the highs and lows of freestyle motocross more than most. Within the first two years of his FMX career, Tom and his brother Charles had gone from riding in their backyard to appearing before the entire world at X Games and X-Fighters events. The two brothers were among the very first riders to land the incredible frontflip on motocross bike, as well as attempt various other ground-breaking tricks. They were considered some of the world's best FMX riders, a position that most aspiring freestyle motocross athletes can only dream of achieving.

Unfortunately Tom had lost sight of the true meaning of riding, and in the following few years chose to take a step back from the spotlight and mainstream competitions. He simply wanted to enjoy riding again and focus on the things really mattered.

In 2010, Tom and Charles made a comeback, but this time on their own terms. Tom has started focusing on building his trick repertoire without the Backflip, which he had once mastered, instead pushing the progression of a series of right-way-up tricks such as the Volt. Another trick that has brought Tom attention is his incredible Whip. Since appearing in the newest instalment of the On The Pipe film series with one of the world's biggest Turndown Whips Tom has turned heads throughout the industry and earned himself an invite to X Games Best Whip this year.

Tom is excited about all of the new opportunities in front of him, and even moreso that this time he’s riding with his own style.

Courtesy: Unit Clothing

Filming: Michel Never & Judith Emanuel

Editing: Michel Never

Music: 'Why, O, Why' by Daniel Miller​definitearticle1 and 'Ballade' by DJ Gero​djgero

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