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Freestyle Gazte Kutxa San Sebastián 2011

San Sebastián hosted a great evening , with an enthousiastic crowd that packed the Velodrome. It was a magic night including light, sound, a Star Wars show. And the best freestyle at its very best level. The French rider won Best Trick with his amazing trick The Volt that only a few riders in the world are capable of doingof the best action of the night was offered by the BMX/MTB contest.

Andrey Lacondeguy had already announced he was coming to San Sebastian to win the contest, and he kept his promise. He nailed a perfect double backflip that gave him victory. The judges had no doubt about it nor did the fans.

To top it off, the Freestyle competition was the perfect end for a great evening. André Villa did a flawless round and went on top ot the podium ahead of Pagès and Sato.

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